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SMARTfloor & floorfixx

Flat, balancing and stabilizing construction

SMARTfloor 8 mm

With our new product Smartfloor Repac offers an acoustic composite insulation mat whitch offers maximum stability and an excellent compensation function . SMARTfloor is a combination of two 3 mm thick panels and one layer of XPS foam which lie on top of each other. This system floor has a total thickness of 8 mm and is suitable for many uneven subfloors. It offers maximum stability and compensates an unevenness up to 2 mm.

Smartfloor is an ideal base for elastic floorings: It compensates an unevenness and saves a lot of time. The subfloor is floating laid  and has a self-adhesive lip connection. The floor is usable immediately without any waiting and drying time.
Even the physical properties can be seen: Because of the special "sandwich structure" Smartfloor realises a footfall sound insulation up to 23dB  and an impact sound insulation improvement up to 30%. Smartfloor is suitable for laminate, LVT's, carpets and carpet tiles. It can be used for the residential and commercial sector.



floorfixx 9 mm

Our new product "floorfixx" is a dry levelling system. In comparison to Smartfloor floorfixx is more suitable for industrial surfaces and large objects. Furthermore floorfixx can be laid quickly and cost-effective. After laying the floor is durable immediately. Floorfixx is a 9mm thick system floor and creates a flat base even if the subfloor is in a poor condition. It can compensate an unevenness up to 2mm and offers a very high stability. Floorfixx can be laid on PVC strips and lamellas, vinyl and linoleum.

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SMARTfloor & floorfixx

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