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Black Uni

The range for full glue- down installations of floor coverings has been completely reorganized.

The Black Uni´s are new! The substrates are useful for an impact sound transmission and decoupling under laminate, parquet, carpet, linoleum and PVC-, Design/ LVT floors. Black Uni insulates the sound of walking on hard floors, is resistant to pressure and has a maximum load of a base layer.

The product is eco-sensitive because of the use of recycled materials in production and a low emissions in general. Black Uni is made of polyurethane-/cork granules on a recycled base bounded with PU-Elastomeric. As a result our catalogue offers four more additional base layers. There are Black Unis with a thickness of 2 and 3 mm and each of them as a “B1”- article in Bfl-s1- quality.

The range of decoupling/- bonding gets completed with more base layers made of latex- cork or polyurethane, Egalsoft- products and the works for  “floor-renovations “  Smartfloor and floorfixx.