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Authentic Country Oak

Lively oak in installation concepts

  • mFLOR Glue Down (Dryback) and
  • Authentic LOCK (patented click system for floating installations)

In the newest collection you can find 5 new warm, emotional Oak-décor in a lively country house style. These collections- like all mFLOR floors- are marketed exclusively by mFLOR Germany.

Authentic Country Oak is distinguished by its matte surface and synchronized décor. This particular detail is achieved during production. With this method, the structure and film layers of the plank are exactly superimposed. “A knothole is immediately seen and felt- that is what makes our high-quality wood immediately noticeable. This is one of mFLOR’s greatest strengths- the synchronized embossing. With our new collection we have the largest range on the market; we offer synchronized surfaces in all installation types. We also use hot-press manufacturing to ensure a high level of quality because of its stability”, says Rüdiger Timm.

Another critical detail that is present in mFLOR Germany’s new Authentic Country Oak collection is the keyword “Double Film”. Monotonous, repeating structures are not characteristics that can be found in nature. Therefore, not every mFLOR plank is “equal”. By using two films instead of one, mFLOR can produce 16 different boards. This is another significant quality that is responsible for the liveliness of the Authentic Country Oak floors.


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LOCK - Collection


Technical Data

Technical Data

Technical Data Authentic LOCK Country Oak

Thickness: 4,0 mm

Cover layer: 0,3 mm

Dimensions: 17,71 x 121,12 cm

Quantity: 12 Dielen (2,57 m2)

Content Pal.: 115,65 m2

Technical Data Authentic Country Oak

Thickness: 2,5 mm

Cover layer: 0,55 mm

Dimensions: 22,16 x 121,12 cm

Quantity: 12 Dielen (3,34 m2)

Content Pal.: 200,40 m2


Authentic Country Oak Collection