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Easy Home

Easy Home- the perfect entry into the world of flooring design

Flooring design is what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants.

With “Easy Home”, Repac has developed a new collection, which is interesting for both private consumers and housing associations. The new collection contains 4 timeless decors with an excellent price to performance ratio. Like all of the collections from repac-mFLOR, they have all of the necessary certificates and tests and are ISO 9001 and 14001 Certified.

“Easy Home” is clearly geared towards market demanded décor. This resulted in 4 hand-picked design schemes. Themes such as “harmonic” Oak classic and the “lively” brown Oak are timeless and indispensible. With the “modern” Stone Pine in Grey tones, the current trend to pinewood is implemented. The collection is finished off by the “sensual” Heartwood.

All 4 decors are provided with a matte polyurethane layer and a natural surface coating. Its format, 91.44 x 15.24cm, allows for a lot of creativity. From a ship’s deck pattern to a zigzag Herringbone pattern- every wish can be fulfilled.

The product not only consists of the already established qualities found in the mFLOR 20-30 collection, but also has added features such as its low overall thickness of 2.0 mm including a 0.3 mm wear layer. Another notable factor is the environmentally friendly processing of the product. The “Easy Home” collection guarantees low maintenance due to its polyurethane sealing.

The Repac Floor system offers you, and this collection, perfect accessory assortments from fitting base boards to insulation layering for maximum comfort.

Easy Home Collection