Repac Montagetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

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D-30989 Gehrden

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Repac offers branded solutions

to make your floor with accessories nicer and more enjoyable


We focus on selected target groups.
In our trade, we partner with retailers and interior decorators who actively engage in brand innovation and advancement. Furthermore we have developed brand concepts for the new target group, kitchen studios and the prefabricated house providers. The regional wholesaler and online seller are acquired by key account management. The entry into the property business takes place via Key Account Management retail.
All of the other costumer groups are passively served through the existing processes and structures.

Proper treatment of the aforementioned costumers, especially the acquisition of costumers in the new target groups, is ensured by concrete sales management. Therefore it is important to establish a uniform controlling system.

As a premium provider, Repac differentiates itself by offering brand and private label concepts tailored to the needs of the different groups. Specialized providers, trade with retailers and interior decorators is becoming more successful through the integration of a shop-in-shop system.
Regional wholesalers, specialized markets, discount stores as well as online retailers can differentiate themselves by a private label system.
Small retailers can buy products through the online store. The digital transformation is a key issue in our strategy.

Our product management constantly works with costumer groups to come up with brand concepts. This is achieved through a combination of focus groups and diverse management. The themes of social developments, sustainability, environmental issues, health, and logistics are requirements.

To emphasize the system idea, the family brand concept “Repac Systems” was created.

We look at other suppliers for partnerships; therefore we are always looking for new and innovative partners. To ensure continuous supply to our customers, we pursue a two-supplier strategy.

We achieve an annual double-digit sales growth and an annual increase in yield of 0.5%.

We’re looking for a common internal and external communication;
we are sure to continue to be a top player
and can aggressively market innovation and growth.


We guarantee this with passion, courage, and a skilled family business.



Welcome to the world of Repac

With over 40 years of experience we do exactly know what our customers want. As Germany's only one-stop-shop for design flooring and accessories Repac sets on economical package solutions with innovative ideas.

With 78 employees, more than 3500 products and over 3000 satisfied customers Repac is a good example for a successful and stable growth. Values like competence, quality and reliability are important for our family-managed company.


The health of our employees is for Repac a central matter of concern.

As part of a company health management, we promote the health and wellbeing of our employees. A bad sitting posture or incorrect lifting can cause muscles and skeleton injuries. That is why Repac is especially taking care of a healthy back. With our team we have carried out the "AOK - Check-Up - Powerful at work"

With this "back- check" we have opened up the back fitness of our staff. Based on the written evaluations our employees got specific advices. Furthermore individual exercises for preventive back strengthening were shown.

Repac donates for the German Childhood Cancer Foundation

As a child-friendly family company Repac spends for the German Childhood Cancer Foundation on a yearly base.
The money is for boys and girls with cancer. We want to support them and their families as much as possible.

This year the donation was given to the German Childhood Cancer Foundation during the Lower Saxony Day (28th of June 2015). Furthermore the International Police Association organized a bicycle tour in favour of this charity. Our company area was used for a stop of this bicycle racing.

Repac supports the campaign "Teppich und Du"

The campaign "Teppich und Du" stages textile floor coverings aesthetically, humorously and refreshingly different.  Through various channels the advantages of the carpets with different motifs are brought closer to the specialized trade, handcraft and the final consumer. Read more