Repac Montagetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ronnenberger Straße 15
D-30989 Gehrden

Telefon + 49 5108 9291-0
Telefax + 49 5108 9291-51
Hotline 0800 9966699


Repac cares about the environment. Over the last few years we have accomplished many environmental projects. Repac is green! Please find a few interesting facts below.


The photovoltaik system on top of the company building delivers a big part of the daily electricity for our machines, computer and light in Gehrden. If the sun is shining over the weekend we are even able to provide some electricity to other households or companies.


Solar - LIVE!

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Economical and bright


Profit for everybody. The environmet gets relieved by many tonnes of CO2. Our offices and warehouse building have a nicer light and the costs for electricity have reduced. This is a classical WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Hundrets of new lights in our storage facilities are responsible for a nice and energy-saving light. But not only to save some energy was the matter of concern. Another big advantage is the lifetime of the new lights. We do not have to exchange the lights which are five to seven meters over the ground that often anymore.

We are using LED panels in our stairwell, corridors and offices. Switched off you almost can't realise them as a lighting. In our corridors we are using "daylight color" while we favouring a shade warmer in the offices.