Repac Montagetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ronnenberger Straße 15
D-30989 Gehrden

Telefon + 49 5108 9291-0
Telefax + 49 5108 9291-51
Hotline 0800 9966699


Repac require an optimally operating logistics department for the 2.700 shipped items per month.

The logistic, all Made in Germany, covers a storage area with 16.500 m² - This equals two football fields. The area is devided into two locations in Hanover and Gehrden. In eight halls products are being manufactured as well as stored. 20% of the whole logistics department are situated in the location Gehrden. This is where the profiles and aluminium skirting rails are being produced, packaged and stored.

The largest part is located in the logistics centre Hanover. In the state capital, Fränkische Straße, approx. 20 trucks per week arrive and deliver the required materials. In order to keep the delivery times short, three to four trucks of the logistic expert DHL reach our logistic centre to pick up the products. Because of the widespread expertise the most different products are being safely packaged, large capacity accepted as well as five truckloads handled at the same time. This logistic masterly performance on efficiency is not likely to be exceeded which the following number expresses:

Delivery ratio for stock items > 96 % within 48 hours nationwide.