Repac Montagetechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Ronnenberger Straße 15
D-30989 Gehrden

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Hotline 0800 9966699

Product training

Repac is a system provider and stands for extraordinary product variety. We organise training locally and inhouse to take you forward.

In our mFlor seminars in the Repac training centre in Hanover we present our collections (mFlor Contact, mFlor Grand and others), offer a work tour through our production area and show you the laying technique in practice. We also present supplies for design flooring - from insulation mat's for the floating laying or bonding to profiles up to skirting rails.

Our product training is individual oriented and adapted to your range. In our practice - oriented seminars we rely on patterns (for example floorings) which can be felt "live", scrutinized and tested. In our trainings you will become familiar with the recent products and their technique and use. Benifit from our expertise which Repac offers you as full-range supplier!